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Our New Favourite Lunch Spot (Only around the bend!)

Posted @ Aug 11th 2019 10:21am - By San Chelsea Beachside Apartm
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Balmy all-day beach weather is almost upon us and with it will come entire days frolicking in the salty, sunshine with the crew, frosty cold beers buried deep in ice-filled eskies and light, feel-good eats to ensure you’re energetic enough for said frolicking.


And you know what’s the perfect light, feel-good eats Gold Coasters? Poké bowls – bowls filled with healthy, tasty goodness that will not only nourish you from the inside out, but are also very pretty and perfect for taking back to the beach so you don’t miss out on any fun.


Conveniently, if you venture down Coolangatta way sometime soon (which you should), you’ll find a sleek new space serving up exactly that – healthy, tasty poké bowls filled with locally sourced produce that are some of the very best around.


Raw + Rice is the newbie, found on Marine Pde in Coolangatta overlooking the ocean and perfectly at home with a sleek, plant-filled interior, seating out on the deck and plenty of natural light inside.


It’s the work of Sunshine Coasters Ben Glass and James Breust who have already created four successful venues (including one in Brisbane) and it’s the perfect addition to the Coolangatta dining scene.


The business was built with sustainability and conservation in mind with all fish ethically caught and the use of biodegradable packaging prominent throughout. It’s a nod of gratitude to the earth and that’s something we are fully in support of.


The fresh, flavour-packed menu boasts both a choose-your-own-adventure and an already-expertly-decided-upon option and every single possible combination is 10 out of 10.


In the already-expertly-decide-upon section, there are Salmon, Ocean Trout, White Fish, Soy Tofu and chicken options loaded up with a variety of crunchy, delicious extras that’ll knock your socks off.


If you’re keen to choose exactly what’s going into your bowl, start with your base – sushi rice, brown rice, quinoa or mixed greens – then add protein, some fresh salady goodness, sauce (Wasabi mayo for the win) and some crunchy bits to keep things interesting.