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Adventures at the Glow Worm Cave

Posted in Location & Attractions at 08 October, 2014

Teeming with the most exciting and exotic adventures, the Gold Coast boasts its wide array of attractions which will surely make your holiday unforgettable and worth-bragging. More famous for having the most iconic surf spots and golden sunny beaches, as...

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Enjoy a refreshing swim in our solar heated saltwater pool and spa

Gold Coast Airport Accommodation Facilities
Posted in Accommodation at 23 September, 2014

You certainly can always find yourself a holiday destination where there's something for everyone. But for a holiday accommodation where there's everything for the family, it's a bit of a chellenge to search for one. The kids will probably want to go swim...

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Take the Currumbin Wildlife's Zoo Run challenge

Zoo Run
Posted in Event at 11 September, 2014

An action-packed and fun-filled fun run for a meaningful cause, the Zoo Run challenge will be held for the first time in the beautiful community of Currumbin with the aim to save the wildlife here. Taking place on 30 November in the Currumbin Wildlife San...

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Cosy and spacious family home on the Gold Coast

San Chelsea U22 View To Balcony
Posted in Accommodation at 23 August, 2014

The Gold Coast has always been one of the best holiday destinations for families all over the world given its family-friendly fun and attractions that not only the kids but even adults will enjoy. There's just too much to experience and discover in this c...

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Be a part of this year's Burleigh Ocean Swim

Breaka Burleigh Ocean Swim
Posted in Event at 04 August, 2014

The most exciting and action-packed beach action on the Gold Coast will again gather the toughest and fiercest athletes from the region and all over Australia to battle it out on the Burleigh Ocean Swim 2014. Celebrating its sixth year, the Burleigh Ocean...

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Beachside paradise at San Chelsea Apartments

San Chelsea Kirra North Apartments
Posted in Accommodation at 30 July, 2014

The Gold Coast boasts of some of the best beaches and family-friendly seaside resorts. For those in search of an epic summer break or holiday getaway, this coastal city is where you can experience the bright and beautiful sunshine all year long, allowing...

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Laugh out loud with Col Elliot

Col Elliott
Posted in Event at 13 July, 2014

One of the funniest Aussies ever, legendary comedian Col Elliot will be on a major Australian tour throughout this entire year to promote the re-release of his CD set entitled, COL-FESSIONS, along with his upcoming book. In Between the Laughter. On Gold C...

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Enjoying all the natural wonders on the Gold Coast

San Chelsea U22 Balcony View1 1
Posted in Accommodation at 21 June, 2014

The rich and beautiful island of Gold Coast boasts its wealth of natural attractions, the stunning panorama of its natural landscape, which have made the island among the most favoured holiday spots in the world. Travellers from across Australia and other...

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Indulge in mouthwatering Mexican food on Gold Coast

Posted in Location & Attractions at 02 June, 2014

From the unpretentious street food delivered by taco trucks to the pub and grilles, Gold Coast also boasts its string of Mexican restaurants and eateries that will surely satisfy your hankering for some guacamole or huge beef burritos. Gold Coast is famou...

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San Chelsea Beachside Apartments: your peaceful holiday spot on Southern Gold Coast

San Chelsea Pool & BBQ area
Posted in Accommodation at 24 May, 2014

For a holiday spree that won't put too big a dent in the budget, San Chelsea Beachside Apartments serves as a perfect holiday escape where you can spend a carefree and indulgent holiday experience. A beautifully designed resort in Kirra North on the gorge...

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